UPDATE: A bargain hunter's dream is returning to the Tennessee Valley, the "World’s Longest Yard Sale" is here this weekend.

Knickknacks, handmade goods, and customized furniture are just some of the hidden treasures you might find along Highway 127. 

The annual event stretches nearly 700 miles from Madison, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama.

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So many deals to be had along U.S. 127 shoppers will drop cash on just about anything.

For the last 15 years, the "Mt. Carmel Girls" have traveled all the way from Jasper, Alabama in their matching shirts.

The group of friends went yard to yard and have traveled all the way to Kentucky one year. That’s why they made matching shirts.

"We didn't want to lose each other to start with, and so we can keep up with each other,” they explained.

The sale began in 1987 to encourage people to take scenic routes and travel through smaller communities.  Today it’s evolved into more than just a yard sale.

Vendors said people from around the world stop by to shop, say hello, and visit their communities.

"When it's all said and done you make a few dollars, but the experiences is worth more than the dollars, Mike Kaufman, vendor said.

For 12-year-old Sam Sonksen, it's the thrill of the sale.

"I start by asking for full price and then go down two dollars,” Sonksen said.

For others negotiating a good bargain is part of the experience, but all about the journey along the way.

The yard sale runs from August 4th to 7th along U.S. 127.

PREVIOUS STORY: Herbal soaps, fancy jewelry, and muzzle loading rifles: the World’s Longest Yard Sale is returning to the Tennessee Valley.

Stretching nearly 700 miles along US 127 from Madison, MI to Gadsden, Al, the gargantuan yard sale gives local residents the chance to trade goods and knickknacks from one horizon line to the other.

The sale runs from August 4-7 this year in its 29th annual installment.

Chattanooga area residents looking to get in on the action can find specific goods and vendors through the World’s Longest Yard Sale website.

Anyone with an attic full of stuff to sell can still rent space along US 127.