Former UTC Basketball player Anthony "Duke" Ethridge was arrested on campus on Sunday and is facing seven charges.

Ethridge is facing possession of a handgun while under the influence, assault on an officer, resisting arrest, evading arrest, public intoxication, possessing alcoholic beverage on school property and carrying a weapon on school property.

The affidavit of complaint says that on Saturday a University Officer observed Ethridge walking on campus with a brown shoe box under his arm with liquid pouring out of the box. When asked what the liquid was Duke pulled out two bottles of Vodka.

The officer said Ethridge was “unstable on his feet” with slurred speech and was unable to provide identification.

The officer said he asked Ethridge to place his hands on the wall so he could arrest him for public intoxication but when he grabbed his wrist, Ethridge spun around and attempted to run away.

The officer said at that point he grabbed Duke, took him to the ground on his stomach but Duke spun over to his back, threw the officer off his chest and started to run away. The officer said he noticed a gun fall out of Duke’s pants, that’s when the officer “deployed the taser which had no effect.”

An arrest warrant was issued and Ethridge was arrested on Sunday.

Ethridge finished his basketball eligibility in March and joined UTC football team as a tight end. The University confirmed Duke has been “dismissed from the team.”