EPB Fiber Optics has launched a new 4K Ultra HD viewing feature in the Chattanooga area, making it the first provider to do so.

The feature is called "Fi TV Select," and it will offer customers more options and greater flexibility.

Under the new program, customers will be able to watch video-on-demand (VOD) services, and receive high-definition channels.

Customers will also be able to mix and match between three different "Channel packages" and "Features packages", EPB revealed on Friday.

There are three steps involved in ordering and customizing the "Fi TV Select" feature.

Customers must choose between three different channels packages:

  • Bronze Select (starting at $14.99 plus tax, per month)
  • Silver Select (starting at $67.99 plus tax, per month)
  • Gold Select (starting at $80.99 plus tax, per month)

The next step is to pick a features packages:

  • Standard (starting at $3.99 plus tax, per month)
  • Advanced (starting at $6.99 plus tax, per month)
  • Ultimate (starting at $9.99 plus tax, per month)

Customers are also offered the option to choose additional channels (such as Premiums, Sports Packages, etc.)

EPB officials say all new television subscribers will automatically receive "Fi TV Select", while current customers may keep the same service, or contact EPB to upgrade.

The new software comes with free installation, and 24/7 customer service help from EPB.

Online ordering for the "Fi TV Select" program begins on August 1. Order by telephone at (423) 648-1372.

For more information on the new 4K Ultra HD features, visit EPB's website.