Chattanooga Christian School will have only six seniors take the field this fall, making for a relatively young 2016 Chargers squad. But former CCS assistant, now head coach, Mark Mariakis, says his team is stepping up now more than ever. 

"Everyone wants us to win games this year, and we're excited about that" says Coach Mariakis. "The young guys are stepping up and the seniors with experience are leading them. We're excited about the progress we've made, but we're not there yet, but thankfully we still have three weeks of work to go before that first ball game."

After two weeks of just helmets, this week marked the first full week of contact practices for Tennessee teams. Jamborees will start the second the week of August.

"Everyone looks good when you're in shorts and it's touch, 7 on 7, but it changes the game when you're strapped up, and got the helmet and shoulder pads on. When you're going to the ground, you really find out who wants this game. I can tell you everyone out here is hungry, they've grown up in a hurry, and they're excited about what's going on."

CCS will open up the season at Brainerd High School August 19th.