UPDATE: More details are being released as to how a man, who escaped from Moccasin Bend Mental Hospital, was captured. Monteagle police arrested 33-year-old Brandon Robinson in Grundy County on Sunday.

"I freaked out. I was like 'oh my God.' I said 'well, at least he's off the street again,'" Sheila Demotta who called police said.

Demotta learned she was just steps away from a man who police said escaped from a mental hospital. His identity didn't stay secret for long after he caused a scene at McDonald's in Monteagle.

"I think it was an Egg McMuffin. All over an Egg McMuffin," Demotta said.

Demotta said a woman complained about a man who was intoxicated and nearly ran her family off the road. She then saw him stumbling into the restaurant, asking for money from a customer, and then she heard a scream.

"Then next thing I know the lady is screaming 'hey, he took our order' and he's walking toward us and the officer is walking toward him and 'he's got our food,'" Demotta said.

Monteagle police later learned the man causing all the trouble was 33-year-old Brandon Robinson. He was on the run since Saturday and it's not clear why he stopped at the golden arches in Grundy County.

Police said he was on a law enforcement hold out of Bedford County for the Shelbyville Police Department. Monteagle's police chief called the situation a memorable one.

"Oh, it's up there. it's up there with some pretty interesting stuff we have to deal with," Chief Virgil McNeece of the Monteagle Police Department.

McNeece said Robinson appeared to be intoxicated. He wasn't cooperating with police at first and tried to escape from their custody too.

They later confirmed it was Robinson and found out he took a car from an elderly man who was opening up a church for service in Chattanooga.

"It's just brazen. That's real brazen right in the middle of broad daylight just to walk up and take somebody's car especially out of a church parking lot," McNeece said.

His criminal record goes beyond his escape. Chief McNeece said he's wanted in Illinois and was recently arrested in Bedford County for stealing a walking horse worth $10,000.

Bedford County sheriff's deputies said he was evaluated due to some behavior in the jail and was sent to Moccasin Bend as a result.

As for Demotta, she's thankful no one was hurt.

"My daughter works next door and that scares me more because if he would have went off, what would have happened to my kids?," Demotta said.

Bradford County sheriff's deputies said Robinson is already facing a slew of charges, but after escaping from the mental hospital, he'll face even more.

Robinson is being held on a $30,000 bond in Bedford County. He's expected to be in court on August 24.

The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services will conduct an internal investigation into how Robinson escaped.

UPDATE: Moccasin Bend escapee Brandon Robinson was captured on Sunday morning in Monteagle, according to the Grundy County Sheriff's Office.

Officers responded to a call at McDonald's after a person reported someone had stolen their order straight off the counter. When officers arrived they encountered Robinson in the parking lot in a stolen vehicle. A struggle ensued and Robinson was taken into custody without incident.

Robinson is being held in the Grundy County jail awaiting transport back to Bedford County.

PREVIOUS STORY: A man escaped from Moccasin Bend Mental Hospital on Saturday. Chattanooga police said 33-year-old Brandon Robinson was on a law enforcement hold out of Bedford County with the Shelbyville Police Department.

Robinson is described as 5'9 and weighs about 158 pounds. He was last seen wearing a navy Spider Man t-shirt and pajama pants. He's balding with blondish brown hair and some facial hair.

Police are asking that if you see or come in contact with him to call 911.