Police dash cam video shows the moments before a Chattanooga police officer shot and killed a family's dog.

The officer has been cleared of any wrong doing. He and several other officers were serving a search warrant and according to the department's investigation, the dog was being aggressive.

Chattanooga Police searched the home on Murray Lake Lane in December. No one was home at the time but there was a four-year-old pitbull inside.

The video shows officers surrounding the front door, knocking and trying to get someone to open the door. After a short time, police broke down the door.

"You could hear the dog bark and then you hear a shot that killed the dog," said neighbor Shannen Wilson.

Officers went in to search the home for drugs.
During that raid, an officer killed 4 year-old "Boosie."

"The canine lunged toward the first officer in a cover position," said Deputy Chief David Roddy, "That officer had tenths of a second to react, and unfortunately it resulted in having to shoot and put down the dog."

The dogs owner, who didn't live at the home, filed a complaint with the department. The department initiated an internal affairs investigation and interviewed all of the officers involved in executing the search warrant.
"As those officers first encountered the door being opened, they were confronted by an aggressive canine, according to the internal affairs investigations and statements from the officers present," said Deputy Chief Roddy.

Deputy Chief Roddy said officers try to gather as much information as they can before executing a search warrant.

In this case, officers were expecting a dog.

One officer first tried to move the dog out of the way using a fire extinguisher but said it didn't work.

The dog's owner, who didn't want to go on camera, said the dog didn't deserve to die.

Neighbors agree.

"The dog wasn't aggressive like that, he was a very friendly dog the kids played with him," Wilson said, "As any dog would, if somebody comes in that house he's going to bark, he's going to protect that household."

Anytime an officer fires his or her gun an internal investigation begins.

In this case, the officer will not be punished. Deputy Chief Roddy said the officer acted within department policy.

"I've personally been bitten by a dog in the line of duty, so I know what those threats look like, I know how fast that situation can evolve, it is not the outcome that officers look for," he said.

Chattanooga police say they often work with the McKamey Animal Shelter to learn tips and tricks to keep dogs calm, and to avoid a situation like this from ever happening.

Dog bites made up for nine percent of CPD officer injuries during the first quarter of 2016.

During the search warrant at the home on Murray Lake Lane officers seized a small amount of drugs and paraphernalia but no arrests were made.