In response to violence striking the nation and the spotlight on law enforcement, children at a local preschool are showing their support for men and women in uniform right here at home.     

Kids at Best Beginnings Early Learning School spent the last week collecting snacks and bottled drinks for the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies walked into a big surprise Friday at a Hixson  preschool more than 2,000 bottles of water and bags of snacks covered the front entry. They’re not treats for snack time, rather a small token of appreciation for those who protect the community.

"If they don’t have water and snacks they'll be hungry," said one student.

Over the last week, students and families collected water and snacks for deputies in Hamilton County.

It all started, with an e-mail parent Alexandra Kemmet sent encouraging others to help students support those in uniform.

"I want them to feel that love and support and know that they are very well respected and that we are standing behind them and supporting. We’re keeping them in our prayers all the time and we just want them to feel that always,” Kemmet said.

In less than five days the donations began pouring in. More than half the school contributed and local businesses brought by cases of water and small coolers for patrol officers.

Friday, the kids put on their best red, white and blue and presented Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond and his deputies.

"You can see just by looking in their eyes that they are very impressed. We hope this first impression will carry out through their lifetime and that law enforcement is their friends and they should always turn to law enforcement for help,” Sheriff Hammond said.

Sheriff Hammond read to the students and let them check out a patrol car. He expressed the importance of investing in young children and showing them positive relationships with law enforcement.

"This is our future, the next generation; we want them to have a positive look on law enforcement,” Sheriff Hammond added.

It's why little ones like those at Best Beginnings Early Learning School hope this shows that even preschoolers stand behind law enforcement.

Organizers say they will spend the next week taking the donations to the two Hamilton County Sheriff’s Offices.