A Hamilton County family is showing their support for law enforcement officers with paint. The Phillips family decided to spray paint a blue line Sunday night in front of their home to show police officers they support them.

The Philips family is showing their support for law enforcement after the recent violence striking the nation. They said the blue line of support is the least they could do.

It is a simple message, with a powerful meaning. “We wanted to prove a point, Blue lives do matter,” said Gary Phillips.

A spray painted blue line stretches across Suck Creek Lane. It's the Philips family's way of saying, thank you. “Keep the faith, we are behind them. We appreciate what they do.” 

Gary Phillips said everyone needs to show a little sympathy toward law enforcement. He plans to spend the upcoming weekend painting blue lines throughout the neighborhood.  “We got to be behind them, protect them.”

Two Chattanooga Police Officers spotted the blue line on a bike ride early Thursday morning and stopped to thank the Philips family for the simple gesture. “They came back and come in the yard, talked to us. Thought it was pretty neat.”

Phillips said they are behind all officers. “They waved at us, said they appreciate it. My wife said, No, we appreciate you.”

He said the painting is a small thing that he hopes will have a big impact on the officers it reaches. “Thank the good Lord for our police officers that protect us because we do need them.”

Gary Philips has law enforcement in his family. He is encouraging others to show their support, and join him in painting the Chattanooga area blue.