A Red Bank family is devastated by the loss of their dog.  Someone shot and killed it after it got loose from the backyard. They're trying to figure out who did it and seek justice for Marko, a two-year-old German Shepherd.

Kim Jones just let her two dogs out when she heard 5 gun shots. Her one dog came back, but Marko did not. He was found shot and killed on Hill Road. Now she is looking for anyone responsible to come forward.

An empty dog bed is a painful reminder for Kim Jones. Her German Shepherd was gunned down and killed a few streets from her home. “I knew something happened to Marko. Immediately the neighbors from across the road came running and said Marko was in the road dead,” said Kim Jones.

Marko somehow escaped from the backyard and was wandering the streets by his house. “I love this neighborhood. It is so peaceful, quite, and quaint. It is wonderful. For something like this to happen it is very scary.”

Friends hung up flyers with a picture of the dog and the words "Beloved German Shepherd Gunned Down.". Channon Evatt said, “Gets arrested or suffers any consequences at all it is not really the point. The point is to bring him out in public view so everyone knows what kind of person he really is.”

Their hope is to find the person responsible. “There's no sense in killing an animal that is not vicious, it is lovable. I just cannot fathom why someone would do that,” said Jones.

Jones is experiencing mixed emotions. “At first I was shocked then I was miserably sad and right now the anger is kicking in.” She said he was more than a dog, he was a member of the family. “So smart, 2 years old, wonderful. You would look into his eyes and it was like looking into his soul, or he was looking into my soul. We fell in love.”

The investigation is still on going and anyone with any information is asked to call Red Bank Police at 877-4281.