After working for more than 250 hours on the Fallen Five mural on McCallie Avenue, artist Keven Bate honored the men behind the mural with an official lighting ceremony one year after their deaths.

The mural, called "For the Fallen" has become one of the most visual reminders of those killed on July 16th.

The city of Chattanooga teamed up with Bate to host a memorial ceremony at sundown on Saturday.

The mural was created entirely by volunteers and donations.
The wall space was donated, all of the paint and supplies were donated and Bate did all of his work voluntarily.
Bate hopes the widows, parents, and children of the fallen five know there's always a place for them in Chattanooga, and their family's sacrifices will never be forgotten.

"I like the idea that these will be lit by sunlight all the time during the day and all night by the lights, they'll be there forever and again, it'll help us remember," Bate said.

"It's just, breathtaking, awesome," said Doug Williams, owner of the mural space.

A permanent memorial to honor Chattanooga's heroes brought the community out to pay their respects, one year after the shootings.

"It brings it all back, it brings it all back," said Carol Gibbs, "I'm so proud of them, I'm so proud of our city."

"It's a sad, sad day, this means an awful lot to me, all the families here involved in it," Williams said.

Families members of the Fallen Five were at the mural for the lighting ceremony and said they're overwhelmed with support from all of Saturday's events, and they thank the Chattanooga community.

"My heart breaks for them. they are so strong, the families are so strong and my heart breaks for them every day," Gibbs said.

The "For the Fallen" mural is now available to the public to see, photograph and honor at all times of the day.