Lightning brought down a tree and likely caused a house fire Hixson Saturday.    

Dallas Bay Volunteer Firefighters were called to 7620 Wimpton Lane Saturday afternoon after heavy rain, hail and winds rolled through the area.

Crews arrived to find a tree split in two and a home on fire.

Investigators believe lightning struck the tree and then traveled into the wiring of the home, blowing out a few sockets and catching a bed on fire.

A neighbor heard it all happen and called 911.

"We heard this big boom, it sounded like an explosion," said Aaron Braaton, who lives nearby. "We looked outside our window and sure enough we saw a tree on our neighbor's roof."

"It happens a lot," said Dallas Bay Assistant Fire Chief Jack Brellenthin. "Lightning strikes are notorious for running through the house electrical systems and starting fires all over the house and that was the case here."

The homeowners were not home at the time. It's not clear how much damage the fire caused, but mutual aid was called in from Red Bank fire crews.