SEMINOLE, TX (KCBD) - He started walking on October 25, 2015, carrying a 12-foot cross as a way to represent his faith. His journey began in Jacksonville, Florida.

To date, he has walked 1,500 miles. His name is Mitchell Manning and he is from Tennessee. Unfortunately, his journey has been delayed due to someone taking his cross from a park in Seminole, TX.

Some nights, Manning camps out, but other days strangers have offered their home to him or have paid for a hotel room. He has been walking between 10 to 15 miles per day, pushing nearly 150 pounds.

He was in Seminole on Sunday and he left his cross in a park. The cross and some of his belongings were taken.

Manning posted a "Missing Cross" sign in the park, hoping that it will turn up. If not, he says several people have offered to help him build him a new one.

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