UPDATE: The family of Nathan Letson confirms to Channel 3 that he passed away over the weekend.

The Hamilton County Medical Examiner's report listed the probable cause of death as accidental drowning.

The father of 3 was out swimming on the water with his family July 9th, when he told his 13- year old nephew he was getting tired before suddenly going under water. It took family members and witnesses to pull him back up. Nathan's dad tells Channel 3,  the last few days have been extremely difficult, especially for the 3 young sons who saw it all.

"It's always been like a fear in the back of my head but I never thought it would ever happen," said Wallace Letson, victim's dad. 

Wallace Letson never thought he'd bury his youngest son first. He says he's trying to stay strong. 
Yea I got to because I gotta help her raise them babies," said Letson. 
Nathan leaves behind a wife and 3 young sons who were there when their dad was pulled to safety. Nathan was taken to an area hospital where he remained on life support for nearly a week. 

"I mean he was sitting there and he'd look at me and then tears started rolling down his eyes," said Letson. "It was like that until the last night I went to see him his eyes were open no more." 

Letson says in that moment, he heard a voice telling him it would be okay. 

"I had this little voice that said 'I am with you' and I thought it meant he was going to me my son back," said Letson. " He was actually telling me he was with me because my son had done passed."

Nathan's family says he was an organ donor and so far he's saved 2 lives. 

"He was a loving person, always joking and cutting up. He gave life to two other people so far and that means a lot to me because i knew he was that kind of person. He always went out of his way to help people that's one think i can honestly say about him, he was always trying to help somebody else," said Letson. " it's just been really stressful because I can't think about him or really grieve because I'm constantly thinking about making up the money for his funeral." 

Family members have set up a GoFund Me page to cover funeral costs, to find the link: CLICK HERE  

Funeral arrangements are being made at Lanes Funeral  Home and Crematory in Rossville, GA . We'll let you know as soon as all of the details have been finalized. Harrison Bay State Park officials say the area is swim at your own risk because there is not a life guard on duty. 

PREVIOUS STORY: The family of Nathan Letson confirms to Channel 3 that he passed away over the weekend.

The Hamilton County Medical Examiner's report listed the probable cause of death as accidental drowning.

Funeral arrangements are not complete at this time.

PREVIOUS STORY: A Rossville, Georgia man's family said they hope he makes a full recovery after nearly drowning at Harrison Bay State Park. Park officials said 30-year-old Nathan Letson was rushed to the hospital on Saturday.

As of Wednesday, Letson was listed in critical condition.

"The Lord told me that he's going to pull through this and that's what I believe. That's what I'm standing on," Wallace Letson, Letson's father said.

Faith is what's holding the Letson family together right now. A father of three, Nathan Letson, was swimming at Harrison Bay State Park on Saturday when he told a family member he was getting tired, according to park officials.

Right after that, they said the 30-year-old went underwater.

"Making sure that you don't overtax yourself or overdo what you're capable of and keeping an eye on your friends and family members," Don Campbell, Harrison Bay State Park Superintendent said.

Campbell said the near drowning is the first situation of its kind this year at the park. It would take family members along with witnesses to rescue Letson who has a medical history.

"Because if it wasn't for him, he wouldn't be here today and I really do appreciate that," Letson said.

Letson's father told Channel 3 it's been tough explaining what happened especially to Nathan's three children. He's trying to stay strong for them.

"I don't think they really comprehend about him, but the baby keeps asking for him. I'm just there right now for them," Letson said.

Right now, the Letson family is asking for prayers from the community. They're hopeful Nathan will make a full recovery.

"I just want people to pray and believe that my son is going to walk out of this hospital and that's all I'm standing on right now is that," Letson said.

The park superintendent said the area is considered swim at your own risk because there isn't a lifeguard on duty. To be as safe as possible, he recommends wearing a life jacket even though it's not required when swimming at the park.

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