An organization known for helping the community is now asking for help themselves. 

"We just don't understand why. The owner and his wife are beautiful, beautiful people. They would do anything to help you," Larry Stowell, employee at Second Blessings said. 

The windshield to the East Ridge ministry's box truck sits shattered after someone hurled a brick through the glass. 

Then, hours after getting it fixed, it happened again.

Stowell showed Channel 3 the damage and says the person responsible left two messages behind. 

Stowell said the notes read, "So long, thank you for the fish. - Franklin" and "You've been prevented from the bomb. - Franklin." 

Although the meaning behind the messages are unclear Stowell said they were forced to get police involved. 

Without the box truck, the group wouldn't be able to carry out much of their mission.

"We were blessed with a sizable donation of food. Without having that truck, we wouldn't have been able to get that," he added. 

To learn more about Second Blessings' mission, click HERE

East Ridge police are investigating the matter but don't have any suspects at this time. 

The ministry has been able to do some reorganizing to make sure events still go on until the windshield can be fixed again.

If you know who may be responsible for this crime, call East Ridge police at 423-867-3718.