Family members say about a dozen young children were playing in the front yard of the Woodmore Lane home when gunfire erupted. 

Witnesses tell Channel 3 some of the kids took cover by running inside other adults threw themselves on top of children shielding them from the gunfire. 

"All of the sudden, the kids came running in the house. We though it was fireworks, but it was actually someone shooting at the house," Tomulla Freeman said.    

Still covered in her brother's blood, Freeman described trying to save his life. 

"We had to transfer him from my car because they shot out the tire in my car and we had to put him in another car and got him to the hospital but they said he was already gone," she added. 

A local funeral home will now take care of Alex Freeman, 28, while someone else will take care of the nine kids he leaves behind. 

"He always did whatever he could for his children and, like I said, the party was mainly for them even though it was his birthday celebration, he did it for his children," she said. Family members tell Channel 3, July 5th was Alex's birthday, the day he died. 

A city known for so much good is increasingly known for gangs killing each other and their families, leaving the police chief to make a familiar promise once again. 

"Whether we hold you accountable for your activity tonight or other criminal activity you're involved in, we're going to find you and put you in jail. Your friends are going to tell on you, the neighborhood is going to tell on you and we've got evidence," Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher said. 

"It's time to start opening mouths and telling people what you see because it's ridiculous. There's too many people getting shot and killed," Freeman said. 

If you have any information that could help Chattanooga police, call 423-698-2525.