Channel 3 is asking our viewers to submit people and places they would like to see highlighted on our newscast. It's simple, we want to know about good people in good places, doing good things. 

In this edition of "3 in Your Town", we got the opportunity to visit Cloudland in Dade County, less than an hour away from Chattanooga.

With thirty miles of hiking trails and endless views, Cloudland Canyon State Park is a favorite for those seeking outdoor adventures.

This beautiful park straddles a deep gorge, formed by the Sitton Gulch Creek.

The elevation in Cloudland ranges from 800 to 1,980 feet, offering quite the workout to the valley floor. Backpackers can enjoy camping in a hemlock grove on the 2-mile Backcountry Loop.  

Jamie Hitchcock, assistant park manager, says the waterfalls are one of the most viewed areas in the park.

"That is our highest-use area," explained Jamie Hitchcock, assistant park manager. "So if you wanna see a great waterfall just come out to Cloudland."

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