Summer time provides a nice break for Hamilton County teachers, but they're still working hard to get ready for the next school year.

Several times during the summer, they're gathering to stay on top of the ever-changing field of technology.  

Classrooms at East Hamilton High School are jammed this summer, and the students, are teachers.  More than ever before, teachers have to stay on top of the tech their students use each day.

Barger Academy principal Greg Bagby said, "This is the seventh professional development I've attended, and the teachers want to be here, because they want to be able to move the students forward."      

Topics range from learning management systems, to making the most of shared devices.  All classrooms are not created equal, when it comes to the accessibility of devices for students.

East Hamilton teacher Robbin Faulk said, "We still have students who don't have the internet, or any devices, and we need to supply those for them."   

The "teacher tech prep" is taught not by out of town consultants, but by Hamilton County teachers themselves, who have been on the front lines, and have done intense research to help fellow teachers.

Ooltewah High teacher Jackie Myers said, "It's nice to go to workshops like this, we're always learning from other teachers."  

Hundreds of educators say they're ready and willing to take time out of their summer break so they'll be ready when school starts in August.  With technology rapidly replacing textbooks, teachers can't afford to lose ground in the world of apps, tech and tools. 

It's still seven weeks until the first day of school, but the professional development isn't slowing down.  You'll be seeing hundreds more teachers in "summer school" in the weeks to come.