In Crime Stoppers this week, we feature an attempted robbery of the Food City pharmacy in Ooltewah. "The video is great," said Chattanooga Police Officer Mark Frazer. "There's a caveat though: this guy took to a disguise."

Sure enough, the surveillance cameras show a white man with bandages around his head and face, lingering in the store on an afternoon earlier this month. "It's unclear whether he actually had any injuries that would've required bandages," said Off. Frazer, "but he's pretty bandaged up."

We watch the crime unfold from several different angles. He is first seen hanging around the pain reliever section. "Looking for eye drops or Advil or something," joked Frazer. "But, he spends a little time building up his courage and he finally goes up to the pharmacy counter, approaches one of the two pharmacists and says, 'Give me all of the pills as you can in 20 seconds.'"

The pharmacist stalled long enough to get to the panic button. Authorities were on their way. "The suspect again repeats his demand and kind of hints as though he's got a weapon," Frazer continued, "and our pharmacist wasn't buying it. He said, 'Buddy, you don't even have anything,' and our suspect took off running on foot."

His initial delay suggests this bad guy did not major in theft at crime school. Apparently he did not even take disguise as an elective. "He was building up his courage and making that choice of 'do I or don't I' and he made the wrong choice this time," Off. Frazer said. "So, he got away with nothing except the fact that he committed a felony by attempting to rob a pharmacy."