(AP) - A billionaire technology investor has stunned 400 graduating seniors at Morehouse College by announcing at their commencement that he will pay off their student loans. Commencement speaker Robert F. Smith made the announcement Sunday that he will wipe out student debt estimated at up to $40 million for the class of 2019. Morehouse is an all-male historically black college in Atlanta.

ATLANTA (AP) - As multiple states pass laws banning many abortions, questions have surfaced about what that means for women who might seek an abortion. The short answer: Nothing yet. None of the laws has actually taken effect, and they will all almost definitely be blocked while legal challenges play out. For the time being, abortion remains legal nationwide.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Hundreds of demonstrators are marching to the Alabama Capitol to protest the state's new abortion ban. The group chanted "My body, my choice!" and "vote them out!" as they marched Sunday evening, days after Gov. Kay Ivey signed the near total abortion ban into law. The Alabama law, the nation's most restrictive, is to take effect in six months though opponents vow to block it from being implemented through court challenges.

ATLANTA (AP) - A Georgia woman has opened a gender-neutral children's clothing store in Atlanta's Kirkwood neighborhood. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the children's unisex clothing store is among the first of its kind. Mini Friday sells clothes for children between the ages of 24 months and 8 years.

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