UPDATE: A large animal transport truck lost part of its load on southbound Interstate 75 Wednesday morning, creating a messy traffic hazard south of East Brainerd Road.

The driver of the animal transport truck kept driving down the interstate, according to an officer on the scene.

"That load consisted of animal parts which is unpleasant but sometimes these things happen," said TDOT Spokesperson Jennifer Flynn.

The animal parts/carcasses were believed to be of larger farm animals but TDOT officials were unsure what type of animals it might be.

"Well this was a rather large load the way I understood it. It wasn't just one dead animal. It was a lot of body parts and possible fluids so that's a little bit different," Flynn said.

HEPACO, an environmental contracting firm, helped assist in cleaning the spill which it deemed as "hazardous material."

A CPD officer on the scene told Channel 3 this is the second time in a week he's worked a truck that has lost part of its load that was carrying animal parts. He said Wednesday's spill was worse in comparison.

TDOT and Chattanooga police worked to control traffic around the mess until it was cleaned up around 11 a.m. Wednesday. Southbound traffic was reduced to one lane, backing up traffic for several miles.