School violence in Hamilton County caught the attention of the NAACP.

“We had several thousand suspensions this year with our schools, and that's just not the direction we need to be going in,” said Dr. Elenora Woods, President, Chattanooga NAACP. 

The NAACP held several workshops throughout the day to equip parents and students with the tools they need to pursue a different path.

“When can you do restorative justice, instead of suspending children, you do behavior modification, you do conflict resolution, and those ways to handling the conflict seem to work out a lot better,” said Dr. Woods. 

Judge Philyaw talked about the constitution on the know your rights panel.

“We don't have civics classes like we use to. when you and i were in school we had civics classes and we learned about American government more so than what the students today are exposed to so a lot of what we talked about today, those are civics types lessons all kids need to know,” said Judge Philyaw. 

Dr. Woods says seminars like this allow people to walk away with more knowledge to make good decisions and handle tough situations.

“Those that lack knowledge tend to have more problems and so if you can understand a better way of doing something then you have better results,” said woods. 

Several sponsors helped make Saturday’s event possible.