A fire at a substation took power from most of Athens Utilities' customers Saturday, but it was back on for everyone within an hour.

According to Wayne Scarbrough of Athens Utilities, a fire caught in the substation on Ingleside Avenue in Athens, causing a series of capacitor banks to fail at around 9 a.m.

"It was a major thing," Scarbrough said. "I never thought we'd have the power back on today."

As luck would have it, though, he said the fire only affected an area that was made to be able to he bypassed and they were able to get power back on within an hour.

"If anything is going to burn in the substation, this is the best," he said.

Scarbrough said the "bulk of our customer base" lost power, but that everything is back on now.

He said no reason for the fire is currently known, but the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) will be investigating it.