Friday marks one of the best days of the year, especially if you like FREE doughnuts.

National Doughnut Day, which began in was established by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honor The Salvation Army’s “Doughnut Lassies,” who served the treats to soldiers during World War I according to Kripsy Kreme's website.

The “Doughnut Lassies” are often credited with popularizing the doughnut in the United States when the troops returned home from war. 

National Doughnut Day celebrated annually on the first Friday of June.

Both Krispy Kreme and local Dunkin' Donuts will participate by offering customers a free doughnut when they visit participating locations.
Krispy Kreme's website says "customers can donate to The Salvation Army’s miniature Red Kettles stationed at the registers of participating locations. All donations will support the local communities where the donation was made."

Dunkin' Donuts will celebrate the day via social media on Facebook and Snapchat.