Kimberly Garret says her mother was taking a walk Sunday when she saw Kathy Davidson and Kristen Watkins knocking on a door off Crescent Club Drive, and then going around to the back of the house. 

Her mother knew something wasn't right, because the man who lives there is 94 years old and wasn't even home at the time.

Kimberly says she called the police.

“I came out and called the police and my entire family followed out; my cousins and aunt went over to box them in,” said Garret.

When police arrived they went inside the home to look for the duo. Police believe the pair got in by reaching through a doggy door and unlocking the back door.

“Anybody who would steel from anybody is on the low side,” says Garret.

When police found the women, they were inside a closet. Police say the women had a bag filled with prescription drugs, bank statements, and several candy bars belonging to the homeowner. 

“I kind of had a feeling what they were going for, given her history,” says Garret.

Garret says she can't believe the women did this. She says she's glad her mother was at the right place at the right time.

“We just wanted to make sure he didn't get anything taken from him,” says Garret.

Both women are charged with aggravated burglary and go before a judge on June 7.