Thanks to now inexpensive technology, it seems to be the latest craze among the criminal set. "It's another situation where we've got credit card fraud," said Chattanooga Police Officer Mark Frazer as he set up this week's Crime Stoppers case.

"This is, unfortunately, common," Off. Frazer continued. "The cardholder, much like we've done in the past, still had the card in her wallet. So, it wasn't a situation where someone stole the card and used it. They actually stole the card number and generated their own fake card."

We have photos from surveillance video of the two men who used the card number. They went into two Walmart stores and bought more than a thousand dollars worth of iPads. There are also two pictures of their ride for the day of shopping and stealing. It looks to be a white Dodge.

Officer Frazer says, seriously, any of us can be a victim of this type of crime. "This happens, like we talked about, at gas stations where there's a card reader," he said. A fake card reader that's been placed over the top of a genuine card reader, it skims the number off the card and allows the criminal to generate a fake card."

Take a good look at the duo we are seeking. In this age where they are using technology against us, let us use it everyday for our protection. "Check your credit card statement," said Frazer. "Know what your credit card fraud protection services are and utilize those when you see anomalies on your on your credit card statements."

T he theft of your information does not only happen at gas stations. It could happen anywhere you swipe your card, or maybe even at a restaurant where you give your card away for a few minutes. Stay vigilant.

If you know one or both of tonight's suspects, we have up to $1,000 reward cash waiting. Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

If you get voicemail, leave a way for Officer Frazer to get back with you. He will have questions, but he will never ask who you are.