UPDATE: A suspect in the police chase Thursday night that started in East Ridge and ended in a crash on East 23rd Street is in custody.
Travis Tackett is charged with assault on an officer, resisting arrest and drug possession.

Thursday night East Ridge Police tried to stop the 1996 black Saturn Tackett was riding in on Germantown Road.
Police followed as the vehicle made its way onto Interstate 24 West swerving through traffic and hitting multiple vehicles in the process.
The Saturn took the 4th Avenue exit where Tackett jumped out.
Police took off on foot after him. They managed to subdue him but not before he assaulted two officers. 
Once in custody police found drugs in his possession.
Tackett is at the Hamilton County jail on a $51,000 bond. 
East Ridge Police continue to search for the other occupants in the Saturn. 

A police chase ended in a crash on East 23rd tonight.

It began in East Ridge shortly after 6:00 p.m.

Officials say the chase continued until the suspect crashed on E. 23rd Street near Kelly Street and 4th Avenue. A photo sent to the Channel 3 newsroom shows a light pole fell across an East Ridge officer's patrol car.

Devin Laman says his vehicle was side-swiped by the suspect during the chase. Laman says when the chase ended, he saw the suspect run from the officers pursuing him. He says officers were able to catch the man, placing him in cuffs.

No one was injured, including Laman.

Traffic was being rerouted near 4th Avenue but a 911 dispatcher says the scene has now cleared and traffic is back to normal.

Channel 3 is still working to confirm more information about the crash, including the suspect's name and possible charges.

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