Tim Russell flips through photo albums remembering good times. 

He never anticipated these pictures and the memories behind them would be all he has left of one of his sons. 

Russell's son Shawn, an Army veteran, died after being stabbed during a fight at  Rumors Bar in April. He was 36. 

William Harvey now faces voluntary manslaughter charges in connection to the crime.

"It's my understanding that it all started over the t-shirt my son was wearing, that's all I know," Russell said. 

While Russell and his family wait for justice, they've now turned their focus to Shawn's four children, who range in ages of 7 to 16. 

"They're all hurting. They've lost their father. He won't be there for their graduation. He won't be there to teach them how to drive a car," he added. 

He's made it his mission to give his grandchildren everything they need, even taking in two of them as his own.

"For them to struggle to try and figure it out, it's hard for me. I can't even imagine being a young child and having to go through that," he said. 

Harvey will be back in court on June 16th. 

A trust fund has been set up in the names of Shawn's four children to collect donations to be used solely for the children during the next 15-20 years to help raise and educate the four children. 

Checks can be made and delivered to:

Trust Fund for the Benefit of the Children of Shawn Jeremy Russell
Attn: Brendan J. Hawks
SunTrust Bank
1969 North Point Blvd. 
Hixson, TN 37343

For questions or more information, contact Attorney Martin L. Pierce at 423-648-4303.