What happened the night of April 15th, 2013, changed the life of Teddi Robinson, but also, for a time, changed the atmosphere in Red Bank. "Just because it's three years old, you know, wounds heal, physically, but not emotionally; not mentally," said Detective Sergeant Steve Hope of the police force.

In this city surrounded by Chattanooga, residents were outraged and, a bit scared. "Although we are a small town, and we like that attitude and we like the feeling, big city crime is here, sometimes," Det. Sgt. Hope continued. "And, unfortunately, it was during that night that it happened. And they did look over their shoulders for a while, and rightly so, because if you have somebody that's just gonna shoot randomly for no reason, then you need to look over your shoulder and that's the unfortunate part about this."

Robinson was a senior at Red Bank High when she was shot while driving alone on McCahill Road. The bullet went through the door of her car, her arm, then into her torso. Six hours of emergency surgery, in which doctors removed her gall bladder and part of her colon, saved her life.

We talked to her after she was released, at home and happy with her wounds still healing. "I don't hurt as bad as I am and it's nice just to be up and going," Teddi Robinson said in 2013. "It is a blessing that I made and it made me stronger."

Thankfully, she is alive and well, but the questions of what happened that night, who did it, and why remain unanswered. So, we are trying again, hoping the passage of time will help. Situations may have changed. Guilt may be too heavy to bear. Whatever the case, we have Crime Stoppers reward cash and a guarantee you will stay anonymous. "I don't care if it's for the money or if it's just for the right thing, they just need to come forward," added Hope. "Somebody needs say 'I know more about this case.'"

And surely someone knows. Seconds before Robinson was hit, A Hyundai sedan was shot up on Mountain Creek near the Highway 27 overpass, less than a mile away. In that incident no one was hurt. Shell casings were collected. They just need to be matched to a gun. Det. Sgt. Hope has a question for the guilty and for anyone who may be holding on to information. "How would they feel if their daughter got shot? Would they want all the justice that they could get? Of course they would."

To wrap this case up would give this community would assurance this night of gun violence was a fluke. The answers would certainly help clear a painful and frightening incident for Robinson and her family. "It would be a wonderful thing for Teddi," said Hope, "but, it would be a bright light for this whole family to put this behind them."

Do you know anything about this case? It is time to make that tip pay-off in real and honest cash for you. Clear your conscience. Do the right thing. Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

If you get voice mail, leave a way for Officer Mark Frazer from the Chattanooga Police Department to get back with you. He will have questions, but he will never ask who you are.