Alliyah Billups brings her 5-year-old daughter Miliyah to East Lake Park often to feed the ducks.

“It’s different than going to the zoo. You can't really feed hands on and be close to the animals,” says Billups.

Billups says the duck pond is an eyesore though.

“The pond is nasty and some people just don't care about the environment that the animals live in. They throw food in there,” says Billups.

Chattanooga City Councilman Chris Anderson says the 2-acre pond has algae in it.

He says there is also an ecological imbalance between plant and animal life in the pond.

“So one of the first things were going to do is seek to rectify that so we can get a good balance of plant and animal life there,” says Anderson.

Councilman Anderson says it's been about 30 years since work has been done to it.

About a million dollars will be spent to clean up the pond and improve the 120-year-old park.

“I’m really proud of the city council and my colleagues for supporting it. It’s a really important project,” says Anderson.

Billups looks forward to the changes.

“Maybe we can see the big gold fish that everybody has been talking about, because right now you can't see anything in there,” says Billups.

The City of Chattanooga and the Lynhurst Foundation are funding the project.

Councilman Anderson says the project will take about three years.