Joe McEntire is pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Ringgold. He says his church was violated. 

Early Saturday morning, someone busted out the glass to the front door of the church and took off with the church's sound system.

McEntire says it's worth thousands of dollars.

“It’s sad we live in a day were people don't fear God, and they just go into the church and take away the things that belong to him ,” says McEntire.

The burglar alarm went off at Ebenezer Baptist around 6:30 Saturday morning. Ten minutes later another alarm sounded, this one at Faith Baptist Church just four miles away.

Deputies believe the same person is responsible for taking audio equipment from both churches.

“The Bible says there will be no thieves who enter into Heaven, but there is hope for them if they repent of their sins,” says McEntire.

Deputies believe the suspect or suspects got away in a white van.

McEntire says the audio system helps the hearing impaired at his church. He wants it back.

“When the sound system was taken away, it made it tough for this one member to hear the sermon,” says McEntire.

McEntire says he hopes the person responsible thinks about what they did.

“That they will realize that it was wrong and that they turn to the lord for forgiveness,” said McEntire.

McEntire says he plans to beef up security at his church.

If you know where the churchs' sound systems are located, call the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office at (706)935-2424.

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