COWETA COUNTY, GA. (WXIA) - Just days after her teenage sons were returned from foster care, the self-proclaimed "Southern Momma" was back on social media with a warning: "No more drugs, no more thugs, no more social media."

Deborah Smith set fire to the mattresses of her two sons and used a shotgun to destroy their cell phones. A family member posted the videos on YouTube, and they went viral.

Her daughter McKenzie, now 17, says that "Southern Momma" brand of parenting worked for her. While she didn’t like the wake-up call at the time, she says it shook her up enough to get a new set of friends and a new passion for life.  Smith said her two 16-year-old sons continued to use drugs, steal money, and act out. The mattress burning was an attempt to get their attention and warn off drug dealers, she said. 

In April, the boys were removed from the home by the Division of Child and Family Services.

“I want my boys back but I want them healthy.  I want them clean. And I don’t want them to die out on the streets," she told 11Alive's Rebecca Lindstrom.

Last week, the boys were returned, but Smith said her brand of "Southern Momma" love will continue. To prove it, she posted another YouTube video over the weekend.

"God gave me these children, and he's the only one who can take them away," she said on the video while toting a shotgun.

The video pans to show two cell phones propped up on tree stumps. 

"They continue to use these phones to contact friends that are no good. No more," she says before shooting both phones. 

She also shoots a burning door packed with tannerite and gasoline. The explosion is captured on video. 

"God is on my side. There will be no more devil in my home in the form of drugs, alcohol, and thugs," she said. 

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