The drive home for a Soddy Daisy teenager turns into his scariest ride ever when someone shot at him. The boy called his mother for help, who then called police.

It's something that happens all the time on busy streets; two cars stopped at a red light.
But in this case, the victim said he believes it was road rage that led to a BB gun shooting in broad daylight.

"So we're right beside each other and they're cussing us up and down, so they won't let me over and I need to get on the interstate," Blake Watts said.

Watts, 18, was driving down 4th street in the middle of the day Tuesday when he says the passenger in the minivan next to him pulled out a BB gun.

"I seen my friend duck, cover his head, and that's when I seen the gun and it just all went from there," Watt said.

One pellet hit his arm, two more dented his car.
Watts said the gold mini van then took off onto I-27 heading North.

"A female driving with tattoos on her left arm," he said, "And it was a man that shot the gun."
By the time the teen called his mom, made it home, and called 911, nearly one hour had passed.
Police took the first report of property damage on the phone and then interviewed the teen in person on Thursday.  

Chattanooga police said they are working on the case and searching for the suspects.
Watts says it's a drive home he'll never forget.

"I would never think that downtown Chattanooga where I've grown up for 18 years that something like that's gonna happen, someone pull a BB gun and shoot my car and me. It's crazy."

Chattanooga police want to remind all drivers if they are involved an incident that threatens their safety, call 911 immediately.

If you're involved in a road rage incident, do not try and follow the other driver. Find a safe location and call police.