A recent stabbing in Lafayette has police wondering if Chattanooga's gang violence is crossing state lines into Georgia. According to Lafayette Police, a known Chattanooga gang member is wanted for stabbing a man at his home earlier this week.

Police tell Channel 3 this is the first time they've had an issue with a gang member. They're trying to get the suspect off the street so the problem won't grow.

Twenty-five miles south of Chattanooga, gang activity isn't typical for the small city of Lafayette, Georgia.

"It's not something we see very often at all, and it's not a problem that we want to have," said Lafayette Police Capt. Stacey Meeks.

But the broken glass at a home on Daugherty St. serves as a reminder that the violence can strike anywhere. It's the same place a 58-year-old man was stabbed on Monday morning.

Meeks said the suspect, David Townsend, is from Chattanooga -- where he has known ties to gangs.

"We watch daily the gang problems in Chattanooga, and that's not something we want in our community," said Meeks. "But we realize we are a suburb of Chattanooga, and eventually we do get the overflow of these problems."

Neighbors were surprised to learn of the violence on their street.

"It's disturbing and scary," said resident Jeff Nave.

The dad of four has lived in this Lafayette neighborhood for 10 years.

"It's a very quiet neighborhood," said Nave. "Kids can play freely in the yard or in the street. It's very nice."

Linda Hale saw her neighbor carried off in an ambulance. 

"I just thought it was his heart," she said. "I didn't know he got stabbed."

While police search for Townsend, officers want to send a strong message to violent criminals.

"We don't want it to occur again," said Meeks. "We're going to be very vigilant and do everything we can do to ensure that the gang members or any criminals know that Lafayette 's not a place to come to commit crimes."

Townsend is wanted for aggravated assault and burglary. If you have any information on his whereabouts, call Lafayette Police at (706) 639-1540.