Channel 3 is learning more about what happened in the moments immediately after a deadly crash in Meigs County last week.

The man wanted in connection to the crash that killed four people on Highway 58 is behind bars. John Bennett, 34, turned himself in to a Bradley County bondsman on Tuesday morning after four days on the run.

Eyewitness News has learned Bennett stopped by a nearby EMS station just moments after the crash, and asked for help before running from authorities.

According to EMS workers, crews were getting their first calls to the deadly crash when Bennett showed up.

"During the passing of the crew exiting the door, there was another gentleman that ran in the building. According to my granddaughter, he was extremely out of breath," said Meigs Co. EMS Director Tony Finnell.

Finnell's 15-year-old granddaughter was sitting inside at the time.

"She said John Bennett came in here and said there's been a bad wreck," Finnell said.

Bennett is known locally for doing repair work. Finnell recognized him because he's helped his family before.

That's how Finnell noticed Bennett's empty truck, parked across the street from the station. He said he didn't think much of it, until he saw the wreckage with his own eyes.

"I noticed the trailer was in the ditch upside down, and then it kind of came together at that point. That possibly the trailer had come loose from the truck," he said.

First responders are still having a tough time four days after the fatal wreck.

"This job that we do becomes very difficult," Finnell explained. "It's very difficult for our responders, and that's what we're here tonight for -- to debrief our rescue workers and make sure everyone's doing OK."

The job becomes personal when you know the people involved. In this case, it was the man at fault.

"I have compassion for both (Bennett) and his family, all that they're going through, and the families of the victims," said Finnell. "It's just a sad situation, and unfortunately, it happened at our back door."

Bennett is being held in the Bradley County Jail on a $200,000 bond for past charges. He will first answer to those charges in Bradley County and then face charges related to the crash in Meigs County.