In the middle of appointments to plan a funeral for her nephew, Tina Denton Kecskes stopped to show us pictures of Christopher Denton, and to learn more about his love story cut short.

The person of interest, John Bennett, has been on the run for more than three days and family members of the four victims killed are still left with so many unanswered questions.

"If I have any feelings of peace I know that they went together and that's the way it was meant to be," said Tina Denton Kecskes.

Chris Denton, 36, and his wife, Paula Stevens, 62, had been married for 13 years.
Family members said they had an age difference between them, but their love was real.

The two of them were on the way to Erlanger Hospital for cancer treatment when they were killed in the crash on Hwy 58 in Meigs County.
Paula had been diagnosed with throat cancer, and Chris drove her to every appointment.

"They had a special relationship it was pure love. He took care of her, he was taking her to every doctor's appointment, he was by her side," Kecskes said.

Chris's aunt, Tina Denton Kecskes, is now planning a funeral for the young boy she watched grow into a man.

"It's very hard on the family, it's very hard on me, and we just haven't had time yet to grieve," she said.

Police are still searching for the driver of the dump truck and trailer that caused the crash.
THP said the dump truck and trailer were last registered in 2005.
It's not clear if Bennett was driving his own truck, or someone else's. They also don't know if he was working for a company or on his own. At the time of the crash, both the trailer and dump truck were empty.

After the trailer came loose, and crashed into two cars, killing four people, Bennett ran from the scene.

"Hearing all of that and knowing that people were losing their lives or could have been, and just run, that's a coward," Kecskes said, "It's just a coward."

Family members say they have just as many questions for Bennett as police. Questions they hope can be answered once Bennett is in custody.

"He needs to pay for what he did to these people, for these families because this doesn't stop today," Kecskes said,  "It won't stop tomorrow, it won't stop for years. I mean this is something we have to think about every day."

Family has set up a memorial fund to help pay for funeral expenses for both Paula and Chris.
Donations can be made in their honor at any Regions bank.

The two other victims in the second car involved in the crash are Andrew Blackford, 38, from Murfreesboro and Samantha Norris, 37, from Maynardville. They were traveling in a Nissan Maxima.

Channel 3 has been looking into the criminal history of 34-year-old John Bennett.   

Along with charges in Meigs County, Bennett has faced charges in Hamilton, Bradley and McMinn Counties relating to driving on a revoked or suspended license, child support and possession of meth.

If you have any information that could help police find John Bennett, call the Meigs County Sheriff's Office.