Multiple gang shootings in the Scenic City prompted some mothers to take a stand against the violence. Local pastors put together a public service announcement, begging everyone to put the guns away.

This comes just three days before Mother's Day.

The latest shooting happened about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday on Wilson Street. A teenager was shot multiple times. He was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

This shooting is just one example of what police are calling gang wars. As we wait to learn more about the boy shot Wednesday night, mothers across Chattanooga are begging the people doing the shooting to stop.

“You’re better than this.”  They are words Kimberly Reynolds hopes Chattanooga’s young people will believe.

The mother of two knows other moms who have lost children to gang violence.  It's a pain she struggles to explain.

“You have an opportunity to make an impact in this community. So many people are looking up to you. Be the example,” said Reynolds.  

Reynolds is one of five local mothers featured in a 30 second public service announcement. Volunteers with 12 Chattanooga area churches made the anti-violence commercial days before Mother's Day.

“A mother's love is something you can't compare to anything. It could be anyone of our children.”

Pastor Bernie Miller wrote the script, hoping Chattanooga mothers will get the attention of gang members like no one else can.

“For a mother to say how much she's hurt, any man, if he has any feelings, would hear her over another man saying stop it,” said Miller.

The city has marked more than a dozen shootings in the last month. Reynolds wants better for her city, better for her daughters.

“It's fear whenever she leaves the home. It's important to have those conversations with her, it's critical. As parents we don't often have those conversations,” said Reynolds.

Miller hopes to start the conversation with this 30 second ad. He believes it's working.

“Haven't had many shootings since they started. It's a good sign.”

A mother's words, a mother's plea for nothing more this Mother's Day than peace and safety for her children.

“Before Mother's Day, please, please, put the guns away.”

The PSA was created by all volunteers in different locations throughout Chattanooga. This isn't the last PSA you'll see from churches across the area. This group of concerned clergy says they are planning more. This ad will run through Sunday, May 8th.