CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Boxing has long been known as a way to vent with discipline. There's a mutual respect when you step in the ring with someone else.

A respect that too often is missing in the streets and with the recent spike of gang violence in our city one local boxer is trying to show others boxing is a positive alternative route to something bigger.

DeMarcus Rogers said, “bringing something back to Chattanooga that’s positive. Show the kids you can do something positive instead of negative. That’s all you here is the negative, negative, negative. I’m tired of hearing the negative, I just wanna do something positive.”

Central grad DeMarcus Rogers is fed up with the negative and he'll be the first to tell you, the negative once consumed him, but that was then, this is now.

Rogers left Chattanooga a few years ago for school and parlayed that into a pro boxing career. Now he's a business owner. Rogers owns his own promotion company called Grind Nation Promotions and his first self -promoted event is this Saturday. He’s calling it “The Battle in the Scenic City.

It will mark Chattanooga’s first pro boxing event in almost two decades.

Rogers said, “we’re gonna show you the right way to do things. It’s a professional sport. Show you the downs and the ups. You’ll see people get knocked around or knocked out, but you’ll see people come back and people win. It’s a positive event.”