UPDATE: Code inspectors closed Elations of East Ridge Wednesday, after damage from an early morning hit and run. 

Shortly after inspectors closed the adult store, construction crews didn't waste any time getting to work pulling rocks and bricks off a corner of the building. 

It was the part that took the brunt of the hit when a car crashed into the business on Ringgold Road damaging the building's structure. 

"Once it did, it pushed this corner out completely and it created a shift on this entire," East Ridge Codes Division Supervisor Kenny Custer said. 

That shift was enough for code inspectors to close the building to the public until repairs can be made. 

"I feel that if they can get to work, this should be done within a few days," Custer added. 

While crews focus on the building's safety, police are working to find the driver. They say the driver took off before they arrived and hope surveillance video will help narrow their search. 

Code inspectors say it's hard to estimate how much damage was done until they can see the impact under the layer of brick and stone. 

Police say no one was inside of the store at the time of the crash. It's unclear if the driver suffered any injuries. 

If you have any information that will help East Ridge police in their investigation, give them a call.

East Ridge code inspectors have closed the adult store, Elations of East Ridge, after a car plowed into the building early Wednesday morning.

The building has been declared unsafe by code enforcement after the crash.

PREVIOUS STORY: An East Ridge adult store is damaged after an early morning hit and run.

It happened around 3:30 Wednesday morning at Elations of East Ridge on Ringgold Road.

Police say the driver took off before they arrived. No word on injuries.

Police tell Channel 3 the store was closed at the time of the crash.

Investigators are working to determine if the structure of the building is safe and if the store's surveillance cameras recorded the crash to determine who was driving at the time.