The Electric Power Board of Chattanooga is encouraging customers to participate in a number of environmentally friendly services.

During Earth Month, EPB is working to promote awareness of a number of community assets. These assets include:

  • eBills: Customers who sign up for eBills will now have a reliable billing system that eliminates paper waste. Customers will also receive a $10 credit on their Electric Power and Fiber Optics accounts when opting for eBill delivery.
  • eScore energy checkups: Customers can receive an eScore energy checkup with a list of action items that might include incentives for home improvement.
  • Green tree trimming:  Most of the tree-trimming waste from EPB is recycled. Free wood chips are available on a first come, first serve basis by calling EPB at 423-648-1372. 
  • Utility poles and spools: EPB encourages customers to re-use spent wooden spools for barns, landscaping, and other purposes. The items are available at no cost, customers simply go pick them up at the EPB Operations Center, and record the taken items on a sign-out sheet.
  • Energy Star set top boxes: EPB Fiber Optics' Fi TV boxes are considered about 60% more efficient than typical set top boxes.
  • Smart grid: The smart grid benefits the environment through fewer miles driven by EPB trucks, and through electric efficiency.

Customers can sign up for eBill or a free eScore checkup by calling (423) 648-1372, or online at