The year was 2012, Ridgeland was on a miracle run, the “Cinderella” team in the Georgia Dome playing for a state title.

Number seven in black stood out and it wasn't his lime green shoe laces. It was Vonn Bell's natural talent.  The same talent that earned him a scholarship to Ohio State, an All-American status and the same talent that will earn him a spot in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Between the workouts, appearances and interview requests, free time has been hard to come by for Bell since leaving Ohio State.

Bell said, "whirlwind, i don't even know what some of the days are in the week, you get so busy you forget. What a lifetime journey, what a dream come true."

As the hours draw closer to the NFL Draft, dozens of "Mock Drafts" are only a click away.  Bell has been projected to go as early as late in the first round and as deep as the third round.

Bell said, "I don't really pay attention to most of them. I think in my head most of them don't make that call to us on draft day. You really just wait until the big time guys, the gm guys and coaches call your name."

He's taken that same mental approach the entire off-season, because it hasn't all been cloud nine. Bell was at the NFL Combine but a nagging hamstring injury kept him out of the workouts.

"It kinda messes with your mind a little bit. You just gotta stay strong. I stay strong with my faith. Mom kept me up, sending me scripture every day. Everything will work everything out," said Bell."

Like bell has preached since declaring draft eligible, he believes he's the total package.

"You'll get the extra coach on the field. A guy that can cover the middle of the field, spy in nickel, tackle in open space. A team guy, show his passion for the game. Love his teammates respect his teammates. A god fearing man. Get the whole package i feel like," said Bell.