David Henry says he's tried to get Audrey Doyle to go away for the last six months. Henry put new locks on his front doors after he says Doyle broke into his house several times.

Monday, it got worse. Henry says he received a handful of calls from his ex-girlfriend.

“She wanted to know where I was at and I wouldn't tell. I told her the best thing she could do is hang up and leave me alone and she kept hollering “Where? Where? Where are you?” So, I just hung up on her,” says David Henry.

Henry says he made a quick stop at his home on Chatsworth Highway Monday to gather some stuff. When he went back to his truck, he says Doyle was pulling into his driveway.

Henry immediately called the police.

“I knew there was probably going to be trouble because the way she was behaving when she got out the car. She proceeded to tell me what kind of person she thought I was,” says Henry.

Henry realized the door to his house was unlocked. He went to lock it.

When he got back to his truck he says Doyle was sitting in the driver's seat.

She eventually got out, but, Henry says while he was on the phone with police, Doyle stabbed him in the back.

“First it wasn't scary or anything, but then I realized she had a tactical knife in her hand, that I was in trouble. So, I reached back and saw blood,” says Henry.

Then, he says, Doyle jumped in her car and tried to run him over. Police finally arrived, Henry says, on her fourth attempt at hitting.

“I was relieved! My adrenaline went away. When the police came, they had her in the back of the police car. I was so thankful,” says Henry.

Henry hopes his nightmare is over.

“They arrested her. Maybe she will stay away now. It’s a shame it took all of this. I’ve been telling everyone I know that she is crazy,” says Henry.

Henry says he plans to file a restraining order on Wednesday. The police report says Henry filed a temporary order of protection last week.