A new app aims to bring back the art of writing and sending greeting cards. Punkpost, a free app for iOS, will take your typed message and send it as a handwritten card.

The app works simply. A customer selects a greeting card, adds the recipient's name and address and types out the message they want to send. The app then forwards that information to a card maker, then on to an independent handwriter somewhere in the country who will write the message in long­hand in the card, put a stamp on the envelope and stick it in the mail.

Punkpost is multilingual and will even write in Emoji. Customers can add contacts to their Punkpost account and send cards with the same message out to as many as 100 friends with just a click.

On it's "About" page, Punkpost describes itself as a "community of writers, artists and designers who want to make handwritten communication fun and relevant again."

The Punkpost app is designed to help people who have no time to select a card, write and mail it, and for those who have sloppy handwriting.

The company is offering customers to send their first card for free, after that each card is $6.