Many people in Ooltewah are doing what they can to keep them from being the next the victim of thieves. 

But it's how the thieves are breaking into cars in the Meadow Stream subdivision that has the community on high alert. 

"We're checking our cars, making sure they're locked, securing everything we can," Karren Merritt said. 

Neighbors are making sure their belongings are safe after reports of thieves breaking into cars. Two of those cars belong to Merritt's neighbor. 

"Our bedroom is right beside their driveway, so he asked if we had heard anything at 4:00 in the morning and of course we did not," she said. 

Jonathan Darling tells Channel 3 they got away with a credit card early Friday morning. Surveillance pictures show the person later tried to use the card at a local gas station. 

"My first question was, were your cars locked? And he said yes, they both were locked. But they have a device that they can get into the cars even though they're locked," she added. 

Now neighbors are turning to each other to help keep their streets safe. 

"We're a close knit group here so we watch out for each other and be on the look out," she said. 

If you have any information, call the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office at 423-209-7000.