It’s difficult for Bryan Poe to think back to April 27th 2011.

He attended Saturday’s memorial service in honor of his nephew Joshua Poe, who his family lost that day.

“Joshua Poe was one of the greatest, he loved everyone and everyone loved him,” said Poe. 

Joshua Poe was one of 8 people killed in the Apison area when a tornado touched down. Seven others died off nearby Cherokee Valley Road.

Bryan Poe remembers the last time he spoke to his nephew, shortly before the storm hit Apison. 

“There were five of them in the house and only one survived. I seen my nephew five minutes before it happened. He said he was going to check on his grandmother and that was the last words that we had,” said Poe. 

Poe passed away along with his grandmother, aunt and cousin.

The 31-year-old left behind a daughter.

Bryan says Katelyn reminds him of Joshua.

“She looks exactly like him, brings me to tears,” said Poe.

Joshua’s name is carved into this memorial, along with the names of others lost that day.

Bryan says he wishes he could have taken his nephew's place.

“I would give my name on that monument to have his off in a heartbeat,” said Poe. 

Bryan says he'll always remember the good person his nephew was. 

“He would give you the shirt off his back,” said Poe. 

Now as the five year anniversary approaches, it’s the good memories with family that provide comfort and peace.