Since 2014, the Atlanta Falcons have hosted their annual "Moms Football Safety Clinic," but this year the organization decided to branch out from the Georgia border and travel all across the southeast region, including right here in Chattanooga for the first time.

Ninety-two moms came out Wednesday night to Notre Dame High School to learn more information on how to keep their sons and daughters safe on the football field.

Former Falcons players and staff covered everything from equipment fitting, to concussion procedures, as well as the proper technique for tackling. With the latest criticism in football, the NFL knows how important it is to get safety information out to families, and how it has to start not only at the youth level, but with the head of the household. 

"They are the ones who make decisions" says former Falcons running back Gerald Riggs. "They are the ones who say go play and they have the last say so they need to understand too how safe people have been trying to make the game nowadays."

"Moms will leave here today more confident about the things they can do to make it safer for their kids" says Master Trainer and former Falcons linebacker Buddy Curry. "So they're going to say you know what, I want to help the coaches as much as I can and I want to be a positive person in that whole youth football experience so my son will learn to love football and love the sport and just enjoy it."

Whether their son is already on the field or trying out one day, the lessons taught in football extend far beyond the field. And while teams and coaches work hard to get the right information out there, we all know at the end of the day, moms know best. 

"If I come out here and get some knowledge and at least stay for a little while and have fun with it, I'm more comfortable with what my son is doing" says football mom LaKeysha Nolan. "Then I can help him and encourage him to keep on doing what he's doing."

The Atlanta Falcons will be hosting three more clinics in the southeast region. Next they will be at Howard High School Wednesday, April 27th, followed by Tift County High School Monday, May 9th, and ending in Birmingham Monday, May 16th. For more information, you can visit their website here.