A couple of Saturdays ago, a criminal duo made for a rotten end to an otherwise lovely spring day at the park. "We have two separate vehicle burglaries that were committed by the same couple," explained Chattanooga Police Officer Mark Frazer. "This is a scenario where they're taking advantage of some unlocked doors."
The first victims' vehicle was parked at the ball fields off School Drive in Hixson. "People are taking the kids to the park to play baseball games or just enjoy the spring weather and their minivan gets broken into," said Off. Frazer. "And in a typical fashion, they take a purse, and then of course they're using the credit cards that come from that purse."

As usual, they used the cards before they owner noticed them gone and had the opportunity to shut them down. "And they're using these credit cards in Georgia, they're using them in Hixson, all over the Chattanooga area, racking up in the thousands of dollars worth of stolen items," Frazer added.

The pictures we have come from their shopping sprees. Their plan worked so well, they struck again. "The investigator was great and was able to link this to another vehicle burglary that occurred at the Ace Hardware on Broad Street," continued Frazer. "So, we have a pretty good separation geographically, but it's the same couple."

One more clue: this relatively young man and woman are driving a newer model Dodge pick-up truck.

They remind us all to lock our doors and to keep our valuables with us, or at the very least secure them, no matter what we're doing. "Exactly. Lock it, hide it, or hold it. Lock your car, hide that stuff in your trunk, or take it with you," Frazer said. "So that you can avoid being a victim."

If you know these two, there is a Crime Stoppers reward for information. The number is: 698-3333

If you get voice-mail, leave a way for Officer Frazer to get back with you. He will have question, but he will never ask who you are.