UPDATE: Police say the bullet hole in the passenger's side door of Emmanuel Davis' F-150 pick-up, is the result of a Wednesday morning road rage incident in Fort Oglethorpe.

Tina East says she was back into, and firmly believes her life could have ended just moments later.

East was behind Davis at the red light at Battlefield Parkway and Old Mill Road when she says, he put his truck into reverse and hit her SUV.

When the light turned green, East says, Davis drove off.

As she was on the phone telling police what happened, she spotted Davis pulling into Battlefield imaging.

She says she drove over to see if Davis knew what he'd just done.

“I got out of my car and confronted him saying: "Sir, sir, you hit my car. Do you think it's ok to leave after you hit someone's car?” said East.

She told Davis the police were on their way, but says he ignored her and walked into the facility.

East parked behind his truck to block him in. when Davis exited the business a few minutes later, he jumped in the f-150 and yelled at her to move.

“And his last remark was: “You better get the blank out of the way." and then I see the gun in his hand in his rear view mirror, and it was starting to point in my direction,” said East.

Officers believe he fired a .380 caliber handgun inside his vehicle, but the bullet never made it through the door.

Deputies caught up with Davis in the 2000 block of Battlefield Pkwy. In the truck, they found crack cocaine, two handguns, and shell casings.

East knows she may have been shot if this door wasn't blocking the bullet.

She says she is going to make smart decisions here on out.

“Looking back retrospectively it was a pretty bad decision, knowing the severity of what could have happened,” said East.

PREVIOUS STORY: A Chickamauga man is facing charges after allegedly ramming a woman's vehicle and then shooting at it.

According to Sheriff Gary Sisk, the woman was at a red light on Battlefield Parkway shortly after 9:30 am when the driver of the vehicle in front of her put his vehicle in reverse and backed into her vehicle.

The suspect then pulled into a parking lot. The woman followed the suspect into the parking lot and told him she called 911.  That's when the suspect put his vehicle in reverse and backed into the woman's vehicle a second time before speeding off. The woman told deputies he then pointed a small black handgun at her and left the parking.

The suspect was located by officers on Battlefield Parkway who attempted to pull him over. After refusing to stop officers with the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office and Georgia State Patrol were able to stop the driver, who was identified as 29 year-old Emanuel Richard Davis.

After taking Mr. Davis into custody, deputies located Crack Cocaine, packaged for resale, two (2) .380 caliber handguns and three (3) spent .380 caliber shell casings inside the vehicle.  Officers also observed a bullet hole in the passenger door, thought to have been fired from within the vehicle; however, the round did not penetrate the outside shell of the vehicle. 

Mr. Davis was booked into the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office detention facility on the following charges:  Aggravated Assault, Possession of a Fire Arm by a Convicted Felon, Possession of a Firearm during the Commission of a Crime, Possession Schedule II Cocaine, Possession Schedule II with Intent to Distribute, Participation in Criminal Gang Activity and Multiple Traffic Offenses. 

Channel 3 is speaking to the woman who Davis is accused of backing into. Hear from her tonight on Eyewitness News at 11.