Jamey Taylor was running errands Monday morning when he saw a teddy bear in the middle of Billingsly Street in Charleston. He thought it was strange.

“Man, I was just driving down the road and I was like: "Man that just doesn't look right, you're just not used to seeing a bear in the middle of the road,” said Taylor.

Taylor picked up the stuffed animal. He says the first thing he wanted to do was give it back to the child who lost it.

“Well I have kids, so I knew if he/she lost his/her bear, they are wanting their bear back,” said Taylor.

Taylor went to look for the bear's owner.

“I thought, well I have to run to town so I will have some fun with it. So I said: We will set out looking for the owners. So I got pictures with everyone I came in contact with that day. We stopped at the bakery and made sure it had a doughnut, so I called the police chief and asked him if he would help me locate the owner, so he was kind enough to lend me his face so I could share it on Facebook,” said Taylor.

So far Jamey's Facebook post has received 182 shares.

His own children put fliers in mailboxes.

Jamey can only speculate how the bear landed in the road.

“Somebody may have put it on top of their car to take their kids to school and it just blew off. While they were loading their kids in the car they just forgot the bear was on top of the car,” said Taylor.

He says if the owner never comes forward, he may donate it.

“If we could give it to a trooper, if nobody claims it in a reasonable amount of time then the trooper could give it to a child at a wreck or something,” said Taylor.

Taylor is keeping his fingers crossed that he won't have to do that though.

“It’s just a bear to some people, but there is one person in this world that this bear probably means the world to, and that's the person I want to find the bear for,” said Taylor.

If you may know who the bear's owner might be, call 423-595-1840.