It is hard to believe this kind of thing still happens. Cameras are everywhere. If you have watched a crime show on NBC or any other network, you should know police are good at connecting dots and working out timeliness. Add to all of that the lure of a Crime Stoppers reward and bad guys and gals should be as good as caught soon after their shopping sprees end. "Word to the wise," offered Chattanooga Police Officer Mark Frazer, "one: don't commit a crime. Two: if you, do it's a good chance you're on camera."

That is the perfect introduction to this week's case. Last month, as a worker at Erlanger Medical Center noticed her purse tossed and her credit card missing, our thief was getting busy. "Yeah, she's already accumulated over $3000 worth of purchases on the credit card," said Off. Frazer. "So, this lady made her way around multiple stores and made lots and lots of purchases."

What kinds of purchases would you expect a criminal to make? Food for a starving family? Medicine for a dying loved one? Goods to pawn for cash? "We see all types," Frazer said. "This lady, clearly, as she's walking out of TJ Maxx with a shopping cart filled with things she 'needed.' Bedding. So, she got some bedding. I hope she's sleeping well on that stolen bedding. Looks great."

She looks great in the photos from store surveillance. At least, she looks good enough for you to recognize her if you know her. "There's some distinctive characteristics," explained Frazer. "Her hair's a slightly reddish color. Somebody's going to recognize her. I look forward to speaking with that person."

The woman was a passenger in a small red car. one wonders if her driver knew what she was up to. Maybe that person will turn her in. Up to $1,000 reward cash is a quite an incentive. "It's a great motivator," Frazer agreed. "I'm happy to say we paid out some money, recently; quite a bit. We look to do some more."

We have made light of her spending spree, but this woman's crime is not funny "These will be felony charges and they are weighty," Frazer added. A felony means you can spend more than a year in jail. So, you risk a lot just going out to get yourself a new bedding."

If you know who this woman is, your next step is to pick up the phone and call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

Up to $1,000 is waiting. If you get voice-mail, leave a way for Officer Frazer to get back with you. He will have questions, but he will never ask for your name.