Tommy Couch lost his wife in January of last year. "It's been a living hell," he said when asked to describe the months without her. Simone, or Sam as she was known was 46 and they had been together a long time. "About 15 years," he added.

In the year since, all Tommy can do is wonder and think about the last time he saw Sam. "Well, I went to bed and she was watching TV," he remembered. "And about 11 o'clock I got up and she was gone."

Sam was found two days later in a scrap yard off South Highland Park Avenue in the vicinity of 23rd Street. Chattanooga Police Officer Mark Frazer took us back to the area in which her body was discovered. "This is the last time she was seen alive, right here on the street where we got some video surveillance footage of her escaping the rain, getting underneath an awning and then walking toward the video camera," he said. "And then she's gone."

It was cold winter day, but when officers found her, Sam was missing her jacket and one shoe. "There are some situations and some circumstances that surround this that lead us to believe there's more to the story than just a young lady dies of exposure," Officer Frazer continued." She was curled up underneath an HVAC unit. Her cell phone was on the ground beside her and there were what could have been signs of a struggle.

The key to solving this mystery could lie in piecing together her last two days. The medical examiner ruled the cause of death to be alcohol and cocaine intoxication, but were there other factors?

No matter what Simone Couch may have been involved in, she was a human being and she still had people who cared about her and loved her. "This could be your sister or your aunt or that lifelong friend that, you know, people make choices in their lives," Frazer said. "We all hope for the best. And, unfortunately, this young woman ended in a scenario that is just heartbreaking."

For proof of that, look no further than her still grieving husband. "Well, I mean, she was beautiful," Tommy Couch said through tears, "and I don't want anybody to put up with what I've got to put up with."

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